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It has never been so easy to have your Solar Power System installed in Canberra. A.C.T Solar manages the whole installation process on your behalf, we handle all the paperwork, engage with the best installers in town and our exclusive deals with solar suppliers allow us to offer you the most competitive prices and largest range of products in Canberra.

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Canberra solar power installationA.C.T. we are confident we can assist you if you are looking to reduce or eliminate your electricity bills and reduce your household ‘carbon-footprint’ through solar installation. When you deal with us you are dealing with a local, Canberra based solar company, so you can be assured of fast, personal attention, excellent post-installation service and back-up. Call us now on  1300133848


Why Trust A.C.T. Solar For Your Solar Systems Installation?

 1. Best Value Solar in Canberra

Have you seen other solar companies offering extremely cheap solar power systems supplied and installed and wondered if their is a catch? As we all know “you get what you pay for”. Solar is certainly no different and generally, extremely cheap prices offered for solar systems offer very poor value. At A.C.T. Solar we are proud to offer one of the best value solar systems in Canberra if not the best. Below we list few reasons of why you should consider us for your solar installation and how to identify poor value offers.

2. Solar Panels/Inverters 

Does the manufacturer of the panels and the solar inverter have a local office? Are the manufactures well established companies with a track record of reliability? How long have they been producing solar panels and inverters? Can they present a portfolio of installed products? And don’t forget to always to check for feedback on Google.

A.C.T. Solar only offers top brands for your (and our) peace of mind. Most of the brands offered by us have solid representation in Australia and often provide a longer warranty  than the industry standard. Great quality products and excellent after service are few things that we look for when choosing a product for our customers.

3. Racking:

 Racking refers to the critical and often overlooked component in solar installation, that secures the P.V. (photo-voltaic (solar)) panels to your roof. Obviously you don’t want to see your solar panels loose on your roof or flying off in a storm. Just like the panels and
inverters we strongly suggest that you
 always enquire as part of your solar quotation, which racking system will be installed and do your research about the specific brands available. 
We have never had a single problem with our racking and it comes with a massive 10 years warranty. 

4. Our Installers: 

Most of the Canberra solar installation companies that we are aware of don’t inform their clients which installer will install their system until the installation date. Why is this? Because they use sub-contractors. We have our own team of installers. A.C.T. Solar uses the same installers for all of our jobs. Will, our friendly electrician, has installed over 1000 residential solar systems and is a very experienced electrician with over 8 years in the trade. He may even do that extra electrical work pending on your house. Contact us now and we will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. 

5. After Sales Service: 

It may be frustrating when you contact a company about your solar system and your call is transferred many times until someone can help you. At A.C.T. Solar you have one point of contact for all of your inquiries and you may contact us 7 days a week. You can rest assured that we will act on your request promptly. For your convenience you may contact us via telephone, email, SMS, instant messaging or social media.  Also we offer a 5 year warranty for our installations. 

6. Canberra Solar Panels System Design Excellence:

Prior to the solar installation we will present you with the system design drawings, including:

  • position of the panels on the roof
  • system schematic (electrical connection details)
  • estimated energy production month by month so you know if your system is performing as it should. If you are getting other quotes don’t forget to ask if they will offer this service for your consideration before the installation. 
  • maximising system output by taking Canberra and A.C.T. conditions into account when installing your solar system. Details at the Canberra Solar Specifics page.

7. Confidence:

Most of our competitors charge an initial deposit because they want to tie you up with their services. At A.C.T. Solar we are very confident that you won’t find better value system than ours and are sure that you won’t want to leave us once you become our client. That is why no deposit is required if you want to proceed with our services.

Hopefully the above has given you a good understanding of the value that our company offers when installing a solar system. Do not hesitate to call or contact us if you have any comments or questions.

Solar Power for Your Business?

Many of our Canberra solar customers are also business owners and have successfully translated the savings that their home solar power system has generated for them into installing a Commercial sized solar system for their business – see Commercial Solar – Canberra and A.C.T.

Latest News

24 July 2017 – Australia Remains Number One In Terms Of Homes With Solar Systems Installed.

Australian’s have been increasingly keen to embrace renewable energy technologies and in particular solar power systems with over 1.6 million Australian homes in 2017 now producing electricity from their own solar system. This puts Australia home owners as the highest proportion of home owners in the world with solar panels installed. This trend is likely to continue.

Solar Incentives Did Their Job

It is certainly true to say that the Federal Government solar credits scheme has been very successful over the last 10 years in providing significant ‘incentives’ for average home owners to consider solar power for their residence. The solar industry has become a very worthwhile addition to the Australian economy and increased competition between solar installers, as demand for solar systems has increased, has meant that prices of solar have become very competitive – again, a win for the consumer. In 2017 their are still incentives to install solar. Call us on 1300133848 to learn more.

Benefits Of Solar Energy Remain Strong

Home owners in Canberra continue to support grid connect solar uptake. Replacing the electricity that you draw from the A.C.T. electricity grid during daylight hours, with power produced by your own solar panels is very satisfying and can significantly cut your electricity bill. Remember, that as electricity prices are virtually guaranteed to over the coming years, that the savings you make from solar power increase with time. A properly installed solar system with good quality solar panels and solar inverter can last for 20 to 25 years so savings can be very significant over that time frame.

Buy Solar On Price Alone At Your Peril

Whilst this increased competition within the solar industry has, in general, been seen as a good thing, we have seen a number of solar installation companies emerge in the A.C.T. that seem to offer very low cost systems that may not be using ‘tried and tested’ solar panels and inverters and may represent a ‘no frills’ approach to solar. We caution prospective solar customers to carefully examine the specific brands of the panels and inverters quoted and carefully research the performance, warranties and manufacturing ‘track record’ of the companies producing these important components of a system.



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