3 Reasons To Install Solar Panels In Canberra

16 May 2014 Update

We were surprised to note that this months Federal Government budget resulted in the demise of ARENA Рthe Australian Renewable Energy Agency. ARENA was established with the objectives of making renewable energy in Australia more affordable and fund research and establish new projects in renewable energy This is disappointing to say the least. The roll out of both large scale and small scale renewable energy projects, including solar power and  wind energy over the last 10 years has put Australia firmly on the road to a sustainable energy future with the possibility of 20 percent of electricity production sourced by renewable energy sources likely to become a reality well before the 2020 date established under the Renewable Energy Target.

So where does this leave prospective solar panels customers in Canberra and the A.C.T.? Well, in our view, the case for installing solar power in Canberra remains as strong as it ever has. Government initiatives and policies come and go in respect of solar power in Australia but the facts remain that having a p.v. (photo voltaic) solar system installed on your roof makes a lot of sense, both now and into the future. Some of the reasons include:

  1. Solar Power Installation Cuts Your Power Bill. If you rely on air-conditioning to keep your home cool in summer, or have reverse cycle air conditioning or other forms of electric heating during Canberra’s cold winter months, then solar panels can effectively supply much or even all of the daytime electricity that these heating and cooling systems use. This means that you no longer need to worry about the electricity bill that you have to face after running these systems to maintain a comfortable living environment within your home.
  2. Solar Power Systems Reduce The Impact On Your Family Budget Of Long Term Power Pricing Increases. All home owners have witnessed over the last few years the steady increase in electricity pricing. It seems a certainty that electricity pricing in the A.C.T. will only continue to trend up in years to come. Having a solar system installed means that the impact of these increases in your power bill will have a far lesser impact on you.
  3. Solar Is A Genuine Investment In Your Property. As well as making sense in terms of reducing your electricity bills, solar is seen as a worthwhile addition to properties on an investment basis. Solar systems pay for themselves by reducing your power bill in anywhere from 4-7 years (depending on your individual electricity usage and systems size). It is an often overlooked fact that a quality, professionally installed solar system will add resale value to your home.

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