A.C.T. Solar: Quality Matters

We have seen a number of Canberra solar companies offering very low pricing on solar systems last month (April 2013). We took a close look at some of these ‘budget solar’ offers to see exactly how the prices being advertised could be offered. It was very interesting to see that in 2 instances the brand of solar panels and inverters were not disclosed – always a cause for concern. You may have seen recent media exposure of failing solar panels used in some solar installations. Cases of very low cost Chinese solar panels being used – supposedly having a 20 to 25 year warranty, but failing within 6 to months of installation. This is very disheartening to see. A.C.T. Solar has a true commitment to installing well priced quality solar power systems in Canberra and the A.C.T. and it is not good for our industry when these cases are reported in the press, as it gives the solar industry a (generally undeserved poor reputation.

A.C.T. Solar: Quality Matters

Do Not Underestimate The Importance Of Quality When Considering Solar

The benefits of going solar, will actually, in our view, become even greater over the next few years.  A.C.T. power prices are definitely not going down and the ‘real cost’ of solar installation continues to decrease, albeit at a slower rate, as global demand for green energy continues to increase and pricing of the solar panels and inverters remains very affordable as competition is strong amongst the various global suppliers.

Our Approach is Provide a quality Solar system along with a high quality installation at a very competitive price. The installation of a solar system is a key component that many potential solar customers overlook. Remember we are placing solar panels on your roof. This requires care and diligence, whilst ensuring that the installation is done in full compliance of the regulations. As we discuss on the home page, we select our racking systems (the solar panels are secured to your homes roof via a ‘grid’ of racking, attached to your roof) carefully to ensure they can more than cope with Canberra’s sometimes harsh climate.

We periodically review our range of solar panels and inverters and look at new technologies coming onto the market to see how the solar systems we offer can be of greater efficiency, whilst ensuring that the products we offer always have a substantiated ‘back-up’ chain, in the unlikely event that we need to make a warranty claim.

Conclusion: So, yes, price of your solar system is important – we all want a great price. We endeavour to offer you competitive pricing with the important adder that we take quality into account when quoting your system. All systems we quote you will be fully documented and we like to explain why we offer the panels and inverters that we do and will happily answer and questions you have.

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