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Not All Solar Panels Come From Overseas

Over 99 percent of solar panels used in Australia, and to our knowledge, in Canberra and the A.C.T., are manufactured in China (over 80 percent), Japan (around 10 percent) and Europe and the U.S. (approximately 10 percent). However there is an Australian manufacturer of solar panels in Australia, based in Adelaide and that company is Tindo Solar.

With the demise of much of Australian manufacturing, it is good to see a ‘local’ player in the Tindo Solar articlemanufacture of solar technology. Tindo have made significant investment into their automated solar module line (see video below of their production line) and have ‘positioned’ themselves at the quality, high end of the local┬ásolar panel market and in this article we take a look at some of the features and benefits of their panels.

Integrated Inverter

The Karra 250 model solar panel from Tindo has an integrated inverter built into the back of the panel assembly. Tindo claim that through use of the latest generation electronic component usage in their inverters, particularly thin film capacitors, that the temperature performance of their inbuilt ‘micro inverter’, particularly its de-rating performance, is superior to ‘standard’ central inverters. Derating, when applied to inverters, is the amount of energy ‘lost’ from the system, as temperature rises. Given the A.C.T.’s hot summers this can be an important issue to take into consideration.

High Light Transmission Glass

Tindo use a premium quality glass from┬áSaint-Gobain, a global glass manufacturer. The glass used in the Tindo panels has increased transmission of light – obviously an important factor in solar panel construction.


Tindo’s warranty is 25 years on both the solar panel and the micro-inverter. They promote the fact that being an Australian manufacturer they can support their warranties promptly and efficiently.

Tindo Production Line and Manufacturing Process

The following video shows how the Tindo solar panels are constructed:


We welcome any new technology and manufacturers that add quality to the solar panel mix. We feel it is very important to closely scrutinise the various pro’s and con’s of new technology and determine if it can add significant value to our customers. We have no affiliation with Tindo, financial or otherwise and present this information as a regular update to our readers.

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