Benefits Of Going Solar

Have you ever considered the benefits of going solar?

If you look around, even in your suburb many properties are already enjoying the benefits of solar electricity and with prices starting as low as $1,900 for a complete solar system installation this maybe the right time for you to join them.  Below are a few benefits of installing a solar system:

Add Value to your home. In many cases the value added in your property will be higher than your out of pocket cost for installing solar.

Be protected against energy cost rises. A 5kw system (around 20 panels) may completely cover the electricity bill of a standard Australian house with 4 residents.

Become energy efficient. Whilst you save money you will also be helping the environment.

Solar Power Reduces Reliance on Carbon Positive Energy Sources

Solar Power is here to stay. The C.S.I.R.O. is predicting that solar will supply up to 30% of Australia’s energy needs by the year 2050 (Source:

Canberra home owners can rely on A.C.T. Solar on a Canberra based company to install their solar systems. With the experience gained through hundreds of  solar panel installations and the reassurance of dealing with a Canberra owned and based solar power installation company, you can be confident in allowing us to install your solar power system and start enjoying the savings on your power bill and protecting yourself from power rises in years to come.
Give us a call today on  1300133848

  to book your free home assessment.  Our highly trained sales consultant will be able to discuss with you your solar requirements and present you with the best products for your property based on budget, roof space and location, return on investment expectation and any preference that you may have. You will also be informed of any extra work that may be required prior the solar installation. Our state-of-art shade analysis device will be able to identify the best location to place the panels and calculate any shade effect that may occur on your solar production.
Our assessments are free of any cost and also obligation free.  Sales gimmicks or pressure is not part of the culture of our company, you will receive a professional quote with all the information and facts required to make an informed decision.  Even if you are not sure if your property is suitable for solar power system we will be happy to visit you and assess the suitability of your house for it. Call now on 02 8078 6933 and take your first step towards solar electricity.

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