Commercial Solar – Canberra and A.C.T.

Commercial Solar Systems – A.C.T. SOLAR are Canberra’s specialist Commercial solar power installation company and can manage your solar project from design to completion of the solar plant. With hundreds of solar systems installed in Canberra / A.C.T. homes we get many requests from business owners to assist in reducing there increasingly costly electricity bills.

Considering a commercial size solar system? We at A.C.T. solar will be happy to use our experience to instruct you and carry out your solar plan. There are many benefits to going solar in your commercial, school, government or community building.  We have listed below some advantages of large scale solar in Canberra:

Solar Power – Helping the Environment

A solar system with 200 solar modules of 250w, 50kW, could offset 80 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.  This system should produce clean energy for at least 25 years sparing the environment from a minimum of 2000 tonnes of CO2e.

Canberra A.C.T. Home and Commercial Solar Installation - A.C.T. Solar

Medium to Long Term financial gains and tax benefits of Solar Installation

With the price of electricity rising every year, hitting hard on businesses and large size buildings that consume large amounts of power daily it may be a clever idea to generate your own energy. Today solar power is one of most doable and viable ways to produce your electrical power.

Typically ActewAGL will purchase the generated energy from your solar plant paying the same rate as you pay them (1:1). A case by case analysis will be examined  by ActewAGL, if you would like that someone from ActewAGL to contact you to discuss the paid rate for your future commercial solar system please contact us and we will organise it on your behalf.

The initial investment for your large scale solar system may be completely paid off as quickly as in 7 years if the negotiated rate with Actew is 1 to 1. In this scenario you would have at least further 18 years of “free” energy

Social Responsibility

Promote a greener future in our community. Contribute with the country in achieving its carbon offset goals. Market your business as environmentally friendly and make your building a model of sustainability.

A.C.T. Solar is the right company to develop your commercial solar project. We are Canberra based company with extensive experience in the local market and solar legislation requirements. Prompt support as we are always only one call away.

Our strong relationships with suppliers and manufactures allow us to offer you very competitive prices and payment conditions.

Our team comprise of highly qualified and experienced staff to advance with your solar plans, here are some of the qualifications and experience among our team from project managers to electrical engineers:

Global experience in the solar PV industry more than 10 years

Training on testing & measurement and Solar PV design in Australia, Denmark, Austria, Bangladesh, Nepal and India.

Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation for Design of Grid Connected (GC) and Design & Install of Stand Alone (Off Grid) Solar PV system.

Design Experience: More than 2000 GC solar PV systems as per Australian Standards from 1.5 kW to 100 kW

Designed Off Grid system as per Australian Standards (1 kW to 20 kW)

Designed GC Battery Back-up System 7.5 kW

Tested and certified more than 1000 PV modules, 1000 charge regulators, 1000 DC TL & CFL Lamps, 200 Deep Cycle batteries (VRLA, Flooded) for government subsidised Solar Home Systems in Nepal.

The first step to have your solar project rolling is to give us a call on  02 8078 6933 we will book an initial assessment to check the solar feasibility of your building/land and we will collect some data to help us to understand what you want to achieve with the solar power system.

Once we have gathered the required information we will be able to provide you with a tailored solar plant design and complete quote with details of the return on investment.

After your approval to go ahead we will handle all the paperwork, make any required arrangements and have your system installed.

You and your team will receive full instructions of how to monitor the solar plant once it has been installed this way you can ensure it is working in its finest performance and we offer continuous support for your peace of mind.

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