How Solar Power Works

Solar panels systems are actually quite simple in operation. They are essentially a ‘passive’ system, meaning that there are no moving parts – hence, provided the initial design is done correctly and quality components are used, you should get 25 years, plus of reliable electricity production. Given that power prices in the A.C.T. are likely to rise in years to come, a quality, properly installed solar system should more than pay itself back, over the life of the system – in fact some financial commentators recommend solar as an investment that can out perform the stock market and many other ‘investments’.

1. Solar Photo-Voltaic or ‘PV’ panels are installed onto your roof using our quality racking system (as discussed on the home page). The PV panels are made from semi-conducting material, generally silicon. The solar panels are oriented in a northerly direction, or as close as practicable to maximise output from the panels. We also, carefully check to ensure the ’tilt’ of the panels is correct. On flat roofs we employ a special ’tilt railing kit’. When sunlight shines on the solar panel, the ‘photons’ in the sunlight cause an electron flow within the silicon wafers embedded in the solar panels- this is how direct current (DC) electricity is created.

2. The D.C. electricity produced in the P.V. panels is then connected via special cabling to the solar inverter whose job it is to convert the (DC) power into the alternating current (AC) 240Volt electricity,we are more familiar – the power we use in our homes.

3. The system requires installation of electricity “smart meter’. The purpose of this ‘bi-directional’ meter is to accurately measure the amount of electricity that is imported and exported onto the electricity grid. Smart meters are very sophisticated and generally will have a digital readout and reliably record electricity that is fed back onto the grid.

4. The A.C. Electricity generated is used by appliances around our home.

Contact us at A.C.T. Solar today for a friendly discussion as to how solar power installation can cut your power bills. We will happily visit you and assess your homes suitability for solar power – totally without obligation.

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