Solar And the Environment

1. Energy Payback Calculations for Solar Panels

It used to be argued 4 or 5 years ago that solar power was actually negative in terms of reducing carbon emissions. The reasoning was that the ‘energy inputs’, meaning the amount of electricity and associated ‘carbon inputs’ that were required to produce solar panels was actually greater than the electricity that the solar panels would generate over their working life. These days the amount of electricity used in solar p.v. production is estimated to be equivalent to between 1.5 to 2.5 years. Most of the solar panels we use at A.C.T. solar have an ‘electrical life’, meaning the time period the panels can reasonably be expected to produce electricity, of over 25 years, in fact panels could potentially still be producing power for 40 years! This means that the amount of power produced far outweighs the power needed to manufacture them, hence making them environmentally friendly and beneficial in reducing your homes carbon footprint.
- The Figures –  November 2012
Ok, so what is the comparison of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Emissions for solar panel produced electricity versus coal fired power production?
Coal Fired Electricity                                                                   Solar P.V. Produced Electricity
1000 grams CO2 per 1kilo watt hour of electricity                        55 grams CO2 per 1kilo watt hour of electricity*

* note- there are many variables in this estimate but this is a ‘reasonable’ average for solar power systems installed in the A.C.T.                   


2. Solar Panel Manufacturers and The Environment

Japan, Germany and China are leading manufacturers of solar p.v. panels. Japan and Germany have excellent track records in producing solar panels in a very ‘clean’ (environmentally speaking) manner. What about China? The larger and most ‘credible’ Chinese producers of quality solar panels have recognised the need to be seen to be manufacturing in an environmentally responsible manner over the last 5 to 10 years. Given that places like the European Union have stringent ‘green’ requirements for importation of technology (like Lead free manufacturing etc), solar panel manufacturers in China have been forced to comply with high standards of ‘green manufacturing processes’, both ‘in-house’ and in terms of buying components used in p.v. production from ‘green’ accredited suppliers.
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