Solar Inverter Reviews: SMA

SMA Inverters are widely used in solar installations in Canberra and have a well deserved sma inverter imagereputation as being the ‘premium’ inverter in the Australian solar market place. A German based company, they have over 500 engineers employed in design and manufacturing. sma inverter symbolTheir sunny boy range is seen as certainly a first option for many quality solar installs as the units have a track record of reliability in Canberra’s sometimes harsh weather conditions!

SMA use modern electronic manufacturing techniques, that predominantly use surface mount technology. This technology uses minaturised electronic components that sit on top of the circuit board and do not have solder leads as the previous generation of electronic components had. This leads to much greater product reliability, ease of manufacture and lower cost production. The surface mounted components are ‘placed’ automatically as can be seen in this video below. It is interesting that they can produce one circuit board assembly in just 30 seconds! The video below shows the SMA circuit board production line in full swing and describes some of the techniques they use in their manufacture.

With strong Australian support for their products, SMA inverters are a product we feel confident to use in our installations.

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