Solar Panel Selection – Quality Matters!

The benefits of going solar in Canberra are well recognised within the community as concerns over power prices and a desire for households to ‘do their bit for the environment’. Getting the ‘right’ solar system is critical is you are to get the most value from your system whilst not compromising on quality – after all a well designed and installed solar system with the appropriate solar panels and inverter should be producing ‘green’ energy for your house for 20++ years!

We have a large range of solar panels that we can utilise in our solar systems. Over the next few months we will look at some of the panels we feel add a lot of value to out A.C.T. customers’ systems.

Trina Solar Panels. Trina have been extensively used around Australia in not only domestic solar installations but also commercial, large scale solar power systems – an example being a very impressive 1.2 Megawatt (a very large system – in fact 1000 times larger than the popular small 1.25 Kilowatt systems you see on some Canberra roofs) installed at the Queensland University.

Trina have been around since 1997 and have shipped an astounding 4.7 Giga watts of p.v. panels globally in this time. They have many very credible awards to their name and despite quite a lot of volatility in the Chinese solar panel manufacturing sector, seem to be relatively stable – a factor we try to monitor on an ongoing basis.

So Trina are what we would view as a ‘tier one’ Chinese solar panel manufacturer. The customer benefits include:

  • tried and tested panel producer
  • long track record
  • have been used by Australian institutions such as the Queensland University
  • offer good value for money

Further reading on Trina solar at their website :

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