Solar Panels In Canberra? Think Local!

We have seen many interstate solar operators offering special deals and services to prospective solar customers here in Canberra and around the A.C.T. however we advise caution if you are thinking about getting solar panels installed from an ‘out of town’ solar company. By dealing with an actual Canberra based solar installation company there are many benefits, some obvious and some less so. At A.C.T. Solar you will be dealing with a Solar installation in Canberra A.C.T. from A.C.T. Solarsolar company based right here in Canberra. This means we are probably only a few minutes away from you and can happily drop out to discuss the many benefits of solar and how it can be of assistance in not only reducing your power bill now and into the future, but also allow you to ‘do your bit’ for the environment through effective greenhouse reduction – while solar panels are producing electricity for your home, you are mitigating the need to ‘import’ electricity from the A.C.T. grid – thereby reducing carbon based power production.

The issue of service for your solar system is often overlooked but is an important factor to think about when weighing up which solar company to deal with in the A.C.T. We pride ourselves on always trying to ensure the highest possible standard of solar installation – it is fine to carefully select the most appropriate solar panels and solar inverter for your homes solar system, but ensuring it is installed correctly with the best quality racking systems and ‘balance of system’ components is just as important and often skipped over by some of the non-local solar companies. Being confident that you have a local solar company close at hand if you need any after sales support is very important – remember solar power systems are a long term investment and having us close by will give you additional peace of mind.

So contact us today – we would love the opportunity to give you a totally no obligation assessment of your homes suitability for solar panels and answer any questions you may have.


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