Solar Panels Installation Canberra – Experience Counts

The solar panels market in Canberra and the A.C.T.  is a competitive market place and we speak to clients often who are confused when looking at different solar systems on offer and the pricing associated with the different systems. We think it is important, when considering installation of solar power that consumers take the following issues into account when looking at various solar offers.

  • Experience Counts. At A.C.T. Solar we have over 1000 solar panel installations under out belt. This makes us one of the most experienced solar companies in Canberra and this experience translates into piece of mind for clients looking for assurance that the solar system will perform as specified at time of quotation. We can advise clients at time of quotation on what the most appropriate sized system (1.5 Kwatt, 5 kwatt etc) for your individual situation is, which brand of solar panels and solar inverter best meets your needs in terms of performance, long term reliability and price, the most appropriate placement of the solar panels on your roof to maximise solar energy production, what sort of savings on your power bill you can look forward to. Only with considerable experience in the solar industry can we make reasoned assessments as to the optimum system for each and every client.
  • Buy on price alone at your peril. We think it is valuable to explain to clients looking at installing solar power, that systems typically have a 20 to 25 year life expectancy and may last longer than that. Given this, it is imperative that the selection of quality solar panels is made with panels that have a strong track record of performance and excellent local support. The solar inverter is often considered to be the ‘heart’ of a solar panels system in that it converts the energy produced by the solar panels into usable electricity that we can utilise within our homes. because the inverter performs complex electronic processing and power conversion functions its design and manufacture is key to its long term reliability. Should the inverter fail, the solar system as a whole fails. Choosing high quality solar inverters like S.M.A. (for example) as part of your solar system may mean the difference between long term reliability or otherwise.
  • Support and maintenance for your solar system is an important factor. The A.C.T. has seen an influx of solar companies that are based in other States around the country and the installation of their solar systems is often subcontracted out to ‘third parties’ who may of may not be around if your system required servicing or components replacing at a date after the installation. Warranties need to be ‘enforceable’ or else they could end up being virtually worthless. Clearly by dealing with an experienced Canberra based solar installation company like A.C.T.  Solar you have the confidence knowing that if a service or warranty issues should arise, you have local support available to you to resolve the issue promptly and efficiently.

The Clean energy Council has a useful solar power consumer guide that may assist you in understanding the in’s and out’s of solar panels systems and you are welcome to contact us for totally obligation free advise.

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