Solar Panels Selection – Sharp

At A.C.T. solar we are very conscious of offering a quality solar installation. This means we use ‘tried and tested’ solar panels and inverters and always ensure attention to detail in the installation of the systems for our many Canberra clients.

For our solar panel offering we have a broad range of panels we can offer you, including Sharp, German Solar, LDK and Trina to name a few. We will discuss the benefits of each of these panels with you to ensure it meets your needs in terms of performance, warranty, reliability and of course pricing.

Sharp have been manufacturing solar modules for around 50 years, which makes them one of the most experienced companies in the world in photo voltaic development, research and manufacture. They are associated with ‘quality’ in the solar industry and we believe offer good value for customers. Watch the video below to see how Sharp manufacture their solar panels:

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